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In today's competitive environment, the services we provide are fundamental to success. They encompass nearly every area of the business community and many segments of the financial services and legal communities.

Over the years, the specialists at McTevia & Associates have provided advice and guidance on a comprehensive range of issues to clients in virtually every industry.

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Management Reorganization

Our associates have extensive experience in all areas of business.

Our staff is adept, and our firm has developed a reputation for working with management when a company is underperforming. The goal is to not only resolve problems, but also to establish new systems, procedures and controls to improve operating efficiency and enhance results.

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Interim Business and Property Management

McTevia & Associates' in-depth knowledge of business operations across a wide range of industries enables us to provide hands-on management or monitoring of almost any company. In the case of a principal's death or incapacity, or in stockholders' disputes, our firm's reputation is an important ingredient as we provide necessary leadership until the course of the company's future can be charted.

Additionally, our experience in managing properties throughout the United States allows us to provide on-site management and restructuring of distressed commercial, industrial and residential real estate properties and investments.

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A trust mortgage agreement or an assignment for the benefit of creditors may be executed wherein our firm assumes the role of trustee, liquidation agent, disbursement agent, receiver or assignee on behalf of all creditors of the debtor. Services in these capacities are provided to courts, financial institutions, creditor groups, and public and privately owned companies offering an expedited, cost effective method of corporate liquidation.

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Trustees and Receiverships

Although our initial focus is to avoid the expensive, time-consuming and often uncertain process of court supervised proceedings, there are occasions when companies are unable to avoid court supervision. Our strong background in business, combined with the knowledge and perspective we have gained in both state and federal courts, provides us with a well-balanced view of a company's challenges. It also equips McTevia & Associates with the highly specialized ability to assist management in reporting and administration, as well as provide support in the development and negotiation of reorganization plans.

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Fiduciary Services

McTevia & Associates has earned national respect for our outstanding ability to serve as, or provide support services to, fiduciaries. Frequently complex, these assignments – which are often court-appointed – demand immediate attention, strong business acumen, diligence, and cohesive communication among a variety of involved parties.

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Litigation Support

As a result of its diversified background, our professional staff of expert business and financial advisors and licensed CPAs brings order and organization to the financial elements and facts of a case. Extensive court experience as expert witnesses and proven industry expertise makes us a valuable partner in litigation proceedings. Depending on the circumstances, we can be retained either as a consultant to a client's attorney or serve as an expert witness.

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Trust Services

We provide specialized trust support services to banks, attorneys, and other professionals in the management of closely-held business investments. These include initial evaluations of prospective or existing holdings, board representation, interim management, expert witness testimony or support, workout assistance, asset disposition, and valuations for estate tax, gifting and buy/sell purposes.

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Family Business Transition

Closely held family businesses play an increasingly larger role in today's economy, and their numbers have grown significantly over the past quarter of a century. This has resulted in unique "transition planning" problems for company principals, as entrepreneurs seek to transfer management responsibility to a younger generation. We have successfully guided many principals through this sensitive and often difficult process.

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Turnaround and Crisis Management

Throughout our long history as business advisors, McTevia & Associates has earned a national reputation for our ability to resolve serious business problems without court supervision.

Single or a series of events may cause a company to encounter serious and continued losses. In many cases, if the problems are addressed before excessive damage to the business has occurred, a private reorganization can be structured. Agreements are often reached where existing debt is paid over a predetermined period of time, with future debt paid promptly. This arrangement, if structured properly, can provide the relief that a company needs to begin the rehabilitation process.

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Mergers, Sales, Joint Ventures, and Acquisitions

We have developed a reputation for assisting businesses in determining their value and negotiating a sale or merger. Our experience in the business reorganization field enables us to accurately evaluate a company's worth and establish a potential sales price. Once established, we advise and assist in discussions and negotiations of the sale or merger. We often provide due diligence for purchasers. Opportunities are plentiful in nearly every industry for forging relationships between companies. Customers are dedicated to streamlining the number of their suppliers. These suppliers, in turn, are being forced to explore joint venture opportunities for survival.

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Corporate Reorganizations

Throughout the life span of any company, it will inevitably face a situation which forces it to reexamine, and perhaps reorganize, internal structure and management. Our broad business experience as fiduciaries, operators and advisors to boards of directors allows us to play an integral role as an independent third party facilitator to guide the company and management through a successful reorganization.

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Business Refinancing and Debt Restructuring

Our associates have the advantage of unparalleled expertise generated from years of business, banking and credit experience. Because we are familiar with the needs of both the borrower and the lender, we can create realistic loan packages. Our proposals are prepared to the standards that lenders and venture capital investors demand. They are designed to achieve the goals of each party.

It is usually extremely difficult for companies with a history of losses and deficit working capital to obtain the financing necessary to meet operating needs. Once a business plan is structured, we are in an excellent position to assist our client to obtain the necessary funds to support the plan.

Our credibility and reputation within the lending community allows us to explore both public and private sources of funds for the restructuring of debt. The cost and source of these funds are determined by the security available and the risk involved, coupled with the company's ability to service debt and operate as a profitable and trouble-free customer for the lender.

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Due Diligence Services

Commercial lenders frequently rely on McTevia & Associates to provide an additional level of due diligence through an independent third party analysis.

This commonly occurs when a new relationship is being considered, when there is a request to expand an existing relationship, or simply when the lender seeks additional input from an independent source with proven business experience. We frequently provide due diligence for mergers and acquisitions.

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